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I'm a driven entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry. I'm a professional drummer first and foremost, but have worked and in some cases still do in the following positions...

Artist Manager, Booking Agent, Promoter, Tour Manager, Roadie, Backline Tech, Lighting Tech, Sound Engineer, Tour Driver, Stage Manager, Festival Site Manager, Events Organiser, Music Video Director, Cameraman, Monitor Engineer, Set Designer and much more.


With these skills, alongside the great contacts I made along the way, I set up SilverSpider Productions to offer the complete package to my clients and be able to help and advise them in how to get the best out of their project within the Arts & Entertainment sector.

Lars Wickett

Company Director & Show Producer


Grant Smith

Technical Manager


I have had a keen interest in the world of production since getting involved with running the commercial theatre at school. I have spent the last 7 years technical managing a commercial 600 stander venue. This has given me the skills to deal with clients and venue staff on a one to one basis making sure all the needs of the project are achieved successfully.

My main area of expertise is Lighting and Lighting Design, however I am well practised in many different roles such as...

Visual engineer, Stage Manager, Sound FOH and monitor engineer, Site manager for festivals , Stage designer, Rigging, Venue manager.

I have worked with the Company director for many years and we have a great working relationship meaning between us we always get the job done to a high standard.

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